Sept-Terrion - Earth
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Typically defensive Arts in nature, they either enhance the DEF stat or grant immunity to physical attacks altogether. It is one of the weaker types offensively, though it can cause near-deadly Petrification.

Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Earth Pulse......Cold Steel II
Earth WallImmunity from one attack (small area)30Ao no Kiseki
Titanic RoarDamage (all enemies)50...
Earth LanceDamage (single target)20Cold Steel II
Needle Shoot......Cold Steel II
Petrify BreathDamage and 20% chance to Petrify (single target)30Trails in the Sky SC
Stone HammerDamage (single target)10Trails in the Sky SC
Stone ImpactDamage (medium area)50...
Earth GuardImmunity from one attack (one ally)...Trails in the Sky SC
CrestIncreases DEF by 25% for four turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La CrestIncreases DEF]] by 25% (medium area)...Cold Steel II
Adamantine ShieldPhysical Immunity for one attack...Cold Steel II
Grand Press......Cold Steel II
Yggdrasil......Cold Steel II
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