Sept-Terrion - Fire
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A primarily offensive type, Arts from this group can Burn opponents, or increase the STR stat. There are few supportive Arts in the group, besides Heat Up, which can cure Stat Down and restore 10 CP, and Impassion, which grants CP Regen.
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Volcanic Rain......Cold Steel
Fire BoltDamage (single target)...Cold Steel II
Flare ArrowDamage (single target)20...
Napalm BreathDamage (single target)40Trails in the Sky SC
Fire Bolt EXDamage (medium area)20Trails in the Sky SC
Spiral FlareDamage (medium area)30Trails in the Sky SC
Volcanic RaveDamage (medium area)50Trails in the Sky
ForteIncreases STR by 25% for three turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La ForteIncreases STR by 25% for three turns (area)...Cold Steel II
Flare Bomb......Cold Steel II
ImpassionGrants CP Regen for three turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
Purgatorial Flame......Cold Steel II
Heat UpCures Stat Down and restores 10 CP (large area)...Cold Steel II
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