Sept-Terrion - Mirage
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A "mixed-bag" of an Arts type, it is one of the "higher" elements, as mentioned in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 3, and not easily counterbalanced, like Fire and Water, or Earth and Wind.

Some of its Arts are extremely powerful, like Crescent Mirror, which can grant an Arts-reflecting buff for whomever it is cast on. Others, like Silver Thorn, can cause Confusion - a potent status effect.

Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Chaos BrandDamage and Confuse (one enemy)10Trails in the Sky SC
Claiomh Solarion......Cold Steel II
Crescent Mirror......Cold Steel II
Luminous Ray......Cold Steel II
Phantom PhobiaDeals damage and causes a random Status Effect (large area)...Cold Steel II
Silver Thorn......Cold Steel II
SaintIncreases STR and DEF by 25% for 4 turns (one ally)40Trails in the Sky SC
Saintly Force......Cold Steel II
ZodiacIncreases STR and DEF by 25% for 4 turns (all allies)240Trails in the Sky SC
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