Sept-Terrion - Time
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Another of the "higher" elements, also known as the secondary elements in the Japanese versions. Its Arts affect the pacing of battle quite literally - they can be used to Delay targets, hasten allies, or grant additional turns. Some of these Arts can also cause Faint, Nightmare, or Sleep.

With such a vast amount of utility, this type often provides a source of magical damage for physical attackers.

Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Anti-Sept......Trails in the Sky SC
Anti-Sept All......Trails in the Sky SC
Clock UpIncreases SPD by 25% for 4 turns (one ally)10Trails in the Sky SC
Clock Up EXIncreases SPD by 50% for 4 turns (one ally)30Trails in the Sky SC
Soul Blur......Cold Steel II
Grim Butterfly......Cold Steel II
Demonic Scythe......Cold Steel II
Chrono Break......Cold Steel II
Chrono Burst......Cold Steel II
Chrono Drive......Cold Steel II
Shadow BladeRestores 5% of damage dealt to HP...Cold Steel II
Shadow SpearDamage with 20% chance to K.O. (single target)20Trails in the Sky SC
Hell GateDamage with 20% chance to Faint (small area)30Trails in the Sky
White GehennaDamage with 20% chance to Faint (medium area)40Trails in the Sky
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