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Primarily used for recovery. While there are some damaging Arts in the group, in more recent games the amount of HP restored by Tear (and others) is largely dependent on ATS, thus most users of recovery Arts will have high ATS and can make use of damaging Arts in other types. Of the offensive Arts in the family, some may cause the Frozen status effect with a low probability.

Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
TearRestores a small amount of HP (one ally)20Cold Steel II
Teara...60Cold Steel II
Tearal......Cold Steel II
La Tear......Trails in the Sky SC
La Teara......Trails in the Sky SC
Thelas......Cold Steel II
Athelas......Cold Steel II
Aqua BleedDamage (single target)10Trails in the Sky SC
BlizzardDamage with 20% chance to Freeze (all enemies)150Trails in the Sky SC
Blue ImpactDamage (single target)20Trails in the Sky SC
Diamond DustDamage with 20% chance to Freeze (small area)40Trails in the Sky SC
Maelstrom......Cold Steel II
Crystal Flood......Cold Steel II
Hydro Cannon......Cold Steel II
Frost Edge......Cold Steel II
CuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La CuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (medium area)30Trails in the Sky SC
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