Sept-Terrion - Wind
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Perhaps the most varied of the classical elements, its Arts can be used to recover health, increase EVA, cause the Seal or Blind status effect, or deal damage. Despite the varied applications, it does not see widespread use due to being a "jack-of-all trades".
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Air StrikeDamage (single target)...Cold Steel II
AerialDamage (medium area)...Cold Steel II
Aero StormDamage (large area)40Trails in the Sky
LightningDamage and 20% chance to Seal (line)...Cold Steel
Plasma WaveDamage with 20% chance to Seal (line)50...
Judgement Bolt......Cold Steel II
Ragna Vortex......Cold Steel II
Sylphen Guard...10Trails in the Sky SC
Sylphen Wing...30Trails in the Sky SC
Spark Arrow......Cold Steel II
Breath......Cold Steel II
Holy Breath......Cold Steel II
RecuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (one ally)...Cold Steel II
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