Orbal bike tocs2

Following the Orbal Car gameplay in Ao no Kiseki, Rean Schwarzer is entrusted the Orbal Motorcycle (導力バイク Douryoku Baiku) by his senior, Angelica Rogner in Trails of Cold Steel 2. Like Equestrianism, the bike allows faster movements on the field.

Bike Controls

Default Button Function
Analog Stick Steering
R1 Acelerate
L1 Brakes, Hold Back
X Getting off
O Getting on (when near)

Paint Job Schemes

Bike customization sen2

The Bike Customisation in Trails of Cold Steel 2

Like the Orbal Car in Ao no Kiseki, the bike has option customization features attachments (sidecar) and various color schemes located throughout the CS2 game.

Color Obtain
Standard Default
Yellow Courageous: Engineering Room
Hot Twin Dragons Bridge, Office Bookshelf
Dark RF Building, 24F Bookshelf
Windy Bookshelf in Jusis's room, Albarea mansion
Pastel LB Courageous 3F: "Collette's Cuties"
Pastel LP
Fiery Trista House, bookshelf
Pain A Courageous: Becky's Pawn Shop
Paint F
Paint T


  • It is a sub-method of transportation from Equestrianism, only performed in Trails of Cold Steel 2
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