Orbal Staffs

All the staff wielded by the protagonists up to Trails of Cold Steel 3

The Orbal Staves (導力杖 (オーバルスタッフ) Ōbaru Sutaffu) are the newest orbal weapons developed by the Epstein Foundation as a conjunction project with the Reinford Group. First introduced in the Zero/Ao duology and later the Cold Steel trilogy, where its current prototype testers are Tio Plato, Elliot Craig and Emma Millstein. Apart from them, Instructor Makarov and Instructor Thomas are seen in Trails of Cold Steel I wielding them in battle. It is stated that anyone who is not compatible cannot use its powers.


They appear as the combination of a bo staff and the battle orbments, like an actual magic wand. Their designs come in various cosmetic features depending on the user's customization and high aptitude.


The Orbal Staves is the newest cutting edge concept based on the Battle Orbments as a more efficient way of casting Orbal Arts in short time to none.


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