Orbment Replacement
Kanji 街道灯の交換
Rōmaji Kaidō-tō no kōkan
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I'm looking for someone to replace a malfunctioning Orbment Light in a road lamp on the Milch Main Road.

For details, please come see me at the Melders Orbal Factory.
Difficulty Medium
Client Freddy
Points Earned 3 (+1), Impede 2
Reward(s) 600 Mira
Acquisition After completing the Perzel Farm Monsters story quest.
Expires Entering the Malga Mine during the Mayor Klaus' Request story quest.
Main Location Milch Main Road, 2nd Map
Timeframe Short
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Orbment Replacement is an optional quest available during the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Speak with Freddy in the Melders Orbal Factory, then travel to the Milch Main Road 2nd Map, and examine the west most road lamp for a battle. Report back to Freddy to complete the quest.

  • BONUS GUIDE: When ambushed while examining the road lamp, choose the following choice:
    • (+1) [Joshua to fight the enemies], then use the panel lock code [544818]


Notebook Entry

  • The operation site will be the 6th road lamp from 'Rolent' along the Milch Main Road.
  • The combination for the maintenance panel lock is 544818.
  • Finished changing the Orbment Light. Let's report back to Freddy!
  • We reported that the operation was completed without incident.


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