Outside Ourt (ウルトの外へ Uruto no Soto he) is a road in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. It is the pathway between Ourt Village and Lookout Cottage. It is often used by Sage Lemuras to travel to Ourt Village. Likewise, it is also used by the villagers to bring some vegetables to Lookout Cottage.



In order to deliver a letter from Sage Lemuras to Elder Roan, Avin has to travel through this road. After deliving the letter, Mile is found behind the dead tree and apologizes to Avin for being overexcited. He then talks about the Harvest Festival and suggests that Avin he should participate.

At the day of the festival, Mile arrives at Lookout Cottage to pick up Avin. As they pass through the road, Mile asks what Avin is going to wish for. Avin explains to Mile what had happened during the Cathdral Invasion. Mile encourages Avin that Nephtys will let grant his wish to see Eimelle again.

Chapter 1 - Man of the Kingdom

After Sage Lemuras' passing, Avin must go to Sage Dinerken and deliver the Kabessa, a sacred treasure of Bardus. Avin passes through this road as he goes to Ourt Village. 

Chapter 3 - Bond Location

Avin, Rutice, Muse, and Martie travel through this road on their way to the Nephtys Shrine to receive the 5th sacred treasure.


It is a very narrow road that never branches off into multiple directions. There is an open area near the access point from Ourt Village, where a single dead tree sits. The sun is shining brightly during the daytime. The altitude of the road increases when going north towards Lookout Cottage. There are no monsters to be found, except for Elcargot during Chapter 3.


  • This is the only road that Avin uses during his childhood (when the player has control).


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