Pantagurel CS2-OP
Kanji パンタグリュエル
Rōmanji Pantaguryueru
Developed from
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from
Affiliation Noble Alliance
Known Captains Duke Cayenne (alliance head)
Rufus Albarea (chief of staff)
Known Crew
General Characteristics
Length Height
Average Speed
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold SteelII
Other Media
The Pantagruel (パンタグリュエル Pantaguryueru) is the flag-airship owned by the Noble Alliance on Trails of Cold Steel II. It's where Duke Cayenne and his men hold their base, with Rean as their forced passenger.

It is first seen in the final chapter of Trails of Cold Steel.


The Pantagruel measures 250 metres from stem to stern. Painted in silver with gold highlights and bearing the crest of the Noble Faction on its hull, the ship's appearance is as striking as it is menacing. The ship has significant cargo capacity, os storing multiple Panzer Soldats despite their own bulk. 

The ship also carries significant armament, primarily numerous vertical launch tubes that run the central length of the ship. The Pantagruel employs these weapons when engaging the Courageous in combat. 

The ship also mounts two quadruple turrets mounted in casemates on either side of the ship's deck. After the Imperial Civil War began, two triple turrets were mounted on the underside, presumably to provide fire support for ground forces.

As befitting the flagship of the Noble Faction, the interior of the ship is lavishly adorned with fur carpets, wood paneled walls, and even a grand piano on its residential deck.

Service Record

Trails of Cold Steel

In its debut appearance, the Pantagruel's main role was to take control of Heimdallr. Soon after Chancellor Osbourne was shot by C, the Pantagruel descended from above cloud cover to deploy the first ever Panzersoldats seen in battle. It used its three belly-mounted cargo bays to lower the Panzersoldats into battle.

With the Pantagruel maintaining air superiority through presence alone, the Noble Faction captured the Erebonian capital and took the royal family hostage.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Serving as the flagship of the Noble Faction, Rufus Albarea was stationed aboard in his role as commander in chief of the Noble Faction's armed forces. Crow Armbrust was also aboard, and presumably Ordine was stored aboard as well.

The Pantagruel's next sortie was to Ymir, where Rufus Albarea singlehandedly defeated all of Class VII save for Rean Schwarzer, who Crow defeated with Ordine. Duke Cayenne offered to withdraw from Ymir if Rean would join him aboard the Pantagruel, to which Rean accepted. Having accomplished it's objective, the battleship withdrew from Ymir.

Later, the Pantagruel was attacked by the Courageous, in which the escaping Rean, along with Princess Alfin and Valimar were retrieved.


  • The Pantagruel bears a passing resemblance to the Glorious, Ouroboros' flagship in Trails of the Sky. It is possible they assisted the Noble Faction with its construction.
  • The Pantagruel is likely named after Gargantua's son, Pantagruel. from a series of 16th century French novels.
  • The calling card for this episode is Aboard the Pentagruel
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