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[[File:|left|20px]]Paraselene Dance[[File:|right|20px]]
Paraselene Dance CS2
Kanji 幻月の舞
Rōmaji Gengetsu no Mai
Craft Statistics
Base Damage 290 (Zero)
140 (Ao)
170 (Ao - True)
Range Type All
Power Rank SSSS (CS2)
Game Designation
User Rixia Mao
Game(s) Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Akatsuki no Kiseki
Trails of Cold Steel II
Obtained Zero: Default
Ao: Default (original)
Final Chapter Event (True)
CS2: Default
我が舞は夢幻…去り逝く者への手向け…眠れ…銀(しろがね)の光に抱かれ…! 縛…滅!
Behold my dance, an illusory offering to departing souls. Sleep, embraced by silver light! Bind! Break!
—Rixia (Yin)'s S-Craft announcement

Paraselene Dance (幻月の舞 Gengetsu no Mai) is Rixia Mao's signature S-Craft in the Trails Series.


One of the succession techniques passed down through generations in Rixia's family when inheriting the identity of the legendary assassin, "Yin".


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