Pater=Mater ao cg
Kanji パテル=マテル
Rōmanji Pateru Materu
Type Gordias-Class Tactical Archaism
Developed from Thirteen Factories
F. Novartis (head developer)
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from Rosenberg Studio
Affiliation Ouroboros (former)
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Renne Hayworth
General Characteristics
Length Height 15.5 arges
Weight 55 torim (68 when armed)
Average Speed
Armor Kurdalaegon Alloy
Armaments Shoulder Bus
Crash Claw
Double Buster Canon
Special Equipment and Features
Revival System
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO
Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Other Media

Pater-Mater (パテル=マテル Pateru Materu) is Renne Hayworth's Gordias-class robot developed by the Thirteen Factories. It served by Renne' side while gradually maturing its AI to become more independent for its guardianship towards its master.


The Pater Mater was a cutting-edge prototype of Ouroboros's newest Gordias-Class Tactical Archaisms Project developed by the Thirteen Factories. Compared to its predecessors, it was designed with an advanced control system programmed with the Mars integrated orbal arithmetic logic unit for tactical effectiveness and autonomous combat capabilities. Its mobility is said to be accessible across the entire continent with its durable engines allowing it to be more operational for several years without replenishment.

Armed with the latest orbal weaponry, its primary armaments are the Double Buster Cannons on its shoulders along with other gunpowdered backup weapons. Other features include the Revival System, a generator orbment that can heal or revive its operator in emergencies.

Its artificial intelligence is said to synchronize with its operator's nervous system for reflexive and instinctive control and linking communications without any physical contact. Ultimately, its compatible operat was lead to the society's Enforcer No. XV, Renne Hayworth.

Before the search of the actual candidate, the project was suspended for other reasons during testing, confirming that current technology is not possible to build the proper engines to respond to its power distribution. Other flaws include the proportions between its weaponry and size.


  • Its Production Code Number is N810010-66.
  • The words "Pater" and "Mater" are Latin-translated for Father and Mother respectively.


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