All the events that happened so far involving Pater-Mater.

Trails in the Sky SC

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Zero no Kiseki

Pater-Mater remained stationed in the Rosenberg Studio's basement under maintenance. It first appeared before the Special Support Section and Yin after liberating the St. Ursula Medical College from the controlled-mafia's occupation. After jetting off with Renne, tt presence left them stunned and speechless witnessing it for the first time.

It reappeared to save the SSS, Estelle and Joshua from their restrained grasp by a demonized Joachim. Using it Double Buster Cannons, it destroyed the tentacles freeing them while also weakening Joachim and the party used all their Crafts until he eventually disappeared. Just before Pater-Mater can fly Renne off, it halted for Renne to listen to Estelle and Joshua's full understanding of her background and how they still wanted to be her new home. Through the Meister's adjustments to its AI, it let her down to the siblings despite Renne commanding not to. Unseen since, it presumably followed Renne back to Liberl.

Ao no Kiseki

Pater Mater's Sacrifice

Pater Mater's sacrifice

Renne followed by Estelle and Joshua reentered Crosbell participating in its liberation, with Pater-Mater confronting Aion TYPE-γ. While battling in terms of heavyweight proved futile despite with human assistance, Pater-Mater decided for itself a last-ditch command to save its operator. Rejecting Renne's pleas, it jettisoned with the Aion into the air which Rennes slowly watching as Pater-Mater self-destructed. With little function still active, it said "Thank you, Renne" until permanent shutdown which left Renne in tears, and its Zemurian Ore given to Lloyd and company.
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