Perzel Farm Monsters
Kanji パーゼル農園の魔獣退治
Rōmaji Pāzeru nōen no majū taiji
Quest Type Story
Quest Description
Reports have been made of monsters destroying crops at the Perzel Farm.

While there have been no injuries as of yet, it would be best to exterminate them as soon as possible, to ensure everyone's continued safety.
Difficulty Easy
Client Rolent Bracer Guild
Points Earned
Reward(s) 1000 Mira
Acquisition Given by Aina after Cassius left on the airship from the Rolent Landing Port.
Expires None
Main Location Perzel Farm
Timeframe Short
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue

Perzel Farm Monsters is a story quest mandatory for the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Take the Guild Referral to the Perzel Farm and speak with Tio at the cow stable, then speak with Hannah and Franz inside. Check the areas around the farm, the important places are:

  • Southeast cow stables
  • East cabbage patch
  • West Greenhouse

Head towards the cow stables following the path east, then go into the cabbage patch and sneak behind the monsters for a battle to complete the quest.

  • BONUS GUIDE: Sneak behind the monsters without getting caught earns 2BP.


Notebook Entry

  • First, we'll take Dad's place, and exterminate some monsters.
  • The farm can be found by heading west along the Milch Main Road and bearing south at the fork.
  • Tio says the monsters only come out at night.
  • Time to start on our rounds!
  • No monsters in the stable.
  • No monsters in the greenhouses.
  • No monsters in the cabbage patch.
  • Monsters have been sighted!
  • Blasted critters have been given a beating they won't soon forget!
  • Let's report back to the guild.
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