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Phantasmal Mirrors
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Romanji Genmu Kyou
Description Item that lets (gender)'s borrow the power of a "certain someone" in battle.
Type Accessory
Price 200,000
Purpose Reverie Corridor
Found Locations
Shops Reverie Corridor Orbment Station
Exist in Games(s)
Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II

The Phantasmal Mirrors (幻夢鏡 Genmu Kyou) are special accessories in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. Exclusive, essential and purchasable only in the Reverie Corridor during the Epilogue Chapter.


The mirrors are gender-specified, allowing the equipped user to become a "Special Character" of the same gender during battle.

Name Gender Character
Chevalier's Mirror
Male Azure Knight
Witch's Mirror
Female Witch of the Abyss
Black Rabbit's Mirror
Female The Black Rbbit
Courageous Mirror
Male Burning Bravery
Silver Mirror
Female Silver Moon Princess

But other than gender-specified, those characters have other limitations and fixed status when equipped on those party members.

  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN BATTLE, they substitute the character with the corresponding Mirror equipped.
  • They the common ability of the Ice Crown accessory.
  • Their levels and overall stats depend on the equipped character, whose are replaced by the "mirror" character's personal set of quartzes, abilities, stats and character pallet.
  • As the characters have a fixed set of equipment and quartzes, they do not have any Menu Screens. (Quartzes include Lost Arts and Level 5 Master Quartz
  • They cannot level up, while all experience are transferred to the equipped character.
    • All the mirror character's Link Level are fixed at point 3, thus any Link Exp earned will also go to the mirror-equipped character.


  • Only available in the Japanese version's update patch version 1.03.
  • Defeating the final boss with a Phantasmal Mirror character will add a bonus scene (a.k.a. the true ending).
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