Phildin (王都フィルディン Oudou Firdin) is the capital of the eastern continent and is home to the Royal Family, including Muse, the first Princess of El Phildin and her advisor/bodyguard/slave Martie. It is a lavish town with many statues, waterways and a complex series of underground sewers.

Phildin was built by an ancient civilization.  It had been deserted for a long time before King Miligan, the first king, made it into the capital of the country.  The town has multiple levels because the town's foundation was built right above the ancient ruins.

The town consists of five major areas: South Phildin, where one arrives from Ourt Village and where one can find supplies for sale. Northwest Phildin is the gateway to Borun. Northeast Phildin leads to both the library and Phildin Castle, which is the home to the Royal Family. The King of Phildin Castle commands the King's Army, who are seen throughout the eastern continent. Exits from Phildin lead to Ourt, Tibri and Borun.

In the basement beneath Phildin Library lies a teleportation room, connected to Valkd by technology from the Blue Tribe. This is used by Avin and co. later on to travel to Valkd.

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