Police Handbook - Ao
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The Police Handbook (警察手帳 Keisatsu Techoo) (otherwise known as the Investigation Notebook (捜査手帳 Sossaa Techoo)) is a main key item in Zero/Ao duology. It serves as the police's integral item, in which the game automatically tracks your current game record, listing all arts data, quests available and battle log.

Police Officer's Oath

Zero-ao investigation notebook
  • I will serve my mission and community as an honorable guardian of the law. (気高き法の番人となりて、その使命を全うせよ)
  • Never impair justice (正義を誤るべからず)
  • Know from those reached, as those who pursue the truth (真実を探求せし者のみが、手にできると知れ)


  • You automatically receive the Rookie Detective achievement/trophy after being given it.
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