This tab indexes all the Orbal Arts available within the Zero/Ao duology. Those in italics and brackets represent the new arts introduced per game.

Arts Index
Earth Water Fire Wind
Stone Spike Icicle Edge Fire Bolt Sparkle
Quake Blue Drop Heat Wave Aero Sickle
Gorgon Breath Ice Hammer Magna Blaze Aerial
Gaia Titanis Hydro Cannon Flare Butterfly Spark Dyne
Yggdrasil Diamond Dust Crimson Ray Thunder Cyclion
Earth Pulse Around Noah Forte Breath
Crest Tear La Forte Holy Breath
La Crest Teara Impassion Sylpheed
Adamantine Guard Tearal Lord Inferno (Ao) Recuria
Gigantic Rage (Ao) Tear All (Ao) Lorelei
Aqua Mirage Ragna Drion (Ao)
Cobalt Sphere
End of World (Ao)
Time Space Mirage Master Arts
Soul Blur Dark Matter Chaos Brand Rune of Bulwark
Death Spiral Last Disaster Galleon Tower Rune of Affection
Shadow Blade Innocent Arc Avalon Gate Rune of Victory
Chrono Down Fortuna Saint Rune of Storm
Chrono Drive A-Reflex Hollow Sphere Rune of Moment
Calamity Claw Celestial Lunar Craze Rune of Roars
Lucifen Wing (Ao) Reincarnation (Ao) Argent Arc (Ao) Rune of Illusion
Calamity Edge (Ao EVO) Photon Shoot (Ao EVO) Zodiac (Ao)
Gold Halo (Ao EVO) Analyze (Ao)
Silver Thorn (Ao EVO)


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