Zero-ao quest notebook

The full chronological listing of all the optional side-quests in the Zero/Ao duology.

  • Those in italics represent the new quests added per new game within the series.
  • Those in bold italics represents the hidden.
  • (Those bracketed are the EVO-exclusive quests in the PSVITA games).
  • Those in <quotations> are the mandatory quests for the storyline.

Zero no Kiseki (+EVO)

Chapter Quest Name BP Duration
Start Deadline
Prologue <Investigating Geofront>
<Support Request Tutorial>
<Geofront Sector A1 Monster>
<Let's Stop and Make Up>
Lost Items Search 3
Vacant Dwelling Check 3
Michel's Challenge 3 (+2)
1 <Monster Damage Investigation>
Overdue Library Book
Gather the Ingredients
New Service Investment
Finding the Kitty's Owner
Assistant Inspector
Cleaning the Vacant Apartment
Mainz Pass Monster
A Mishie to Yearn For
<Old Road Monster Control>
<Blackmail Investigation>
Enigma Practical Test
CGF Training Exercise
West Crossbell Highway Monster
(The Ultimate Bread Match)
Fish Recipe Ingredients
Testaments' Training
Find the Rare Herbs
East Crossbell Highway Monster
(The Overtime Doctor)
Lost Wedding Ring
<The Missing Assistant Doctor>
<Let's Stop and Make Up 2>
<Expose the Pseudo Brand>
<Kitty Chase>
<Lost Tourist>
<Finding Colin>
<Schwartz Auction Stakeout>
Illegal Parking Regulation
Crossbell Landscapes
Lost Valuable
Geofront Sector B1 Monster
Mine Monster Extermination
Finding the Stalker!!
Armorica Old Road Monster
Burglary Investigation
East Crossbell Highway Monster 2
Urgent from City Hall
Mainz Trail Monster
(A Certain Search)
Where's the Engagement Ring
Intermission <KeA>
Geofront Sector A2 Monster
Present for the Mayor
Sunday School Guest Lecturer
4 <Researching the Ruins>
<The Mayor's Request>
<The Raid on Heiyue>
<Azure Narcotics>
Overdue State Library Book
Seeking Original Cuisines
A Sincere Repayment
West Crossbell Highway Monster 2
(An Employee's Customers' Service)
(Sunday School Guest Lecturer Plus)
A Present for Daddy
VIP's Search Request
Flowers of Desire
New Archaism Acceptance
New Staff Function Development
Stargaze Tower Monster
Moon Temple Monster
Ancient Battlefield Monster
Final <Narcotics Investigation>
<The Assault on Crossbell>
Geofront Depth Investigation

Ao no Kiseki (+EVO)

Chapter Quest Name BP Duration
Start Deadline
Prologue <Altair Lodge Re-Investigation> 6
Chapter 1 <Emergency Requests>
<Enigma II Course>
<Imperial Secretary's ID>
<Dubious Residence Inspection>
<The Missing Umbrella>
<Old Mine Inspection>
Maison Imelda Monster
West Crossbell Highway Monster
Runaway Vehicle Regulation
Mainz Trail Monster
Case Coverage Cooperation
Chapter 2 <Emergency Requests 2>
<Orchids Tower Security>
<Guardian Training Assistance>
<The New Doctor's Inquiry>
<Lost Kitty>
Tower Palaeography Survey
Armorica Route Monster
Young Shin's City Guide
Bracer Training Assistance
A Musician's Whereabouts
East Crossbell Highway Monster
(Fraudulent Transactions)
Antidote Necessities
(Crossbell Tour Guide)
Republican Inspector's Assistance
Missing Collection
Ursula Trail Monster
Moon Temple Survey
Intermission <Holiday at Michelam>
The Swimsuit Ripper
Mishie Challenge
Chapter 3 <"Cryptid" Counter>
<Workshop Inspection>
<Derailment Investigation>
<Bracer Investigation>
<Randy's Whereabouts>
Gourmet Guide Coverage
Pseudo Brand Pursuit
Suspect Inquiry
Old Mines Monster
The Vice Commissioner's Request
Misdelivered Package
Wonderland Part Time
Crooked Merchant
West Crossbell Highway Monster 2
Terrorism Coverage Cooperation
Runaway Vehicle in Pursuit
Geofront Sector D Monster
Secret Performance
(Forest Path Exploration)
Chapter 4 <The Onslaught on Crossbell City>
<Emergency Requests 3>
<Crossbell's Declaration of Independence>
Downtown Reconstruction
Charity Event Aid
Separated Father Search
Old Battlefield Inspection
Knox Woodland Road Monster
(Bakery Advertising)
(Wonderland Part Time 2)
Locating the Medical Supplies
Geofront Sector C Monster
Guy Bannings Murder Case Verification
Lost Chapter <Jailbreak>
Finale <Confirmation Reports>
<Reclaiming the Ruins>
<Liberation of Crossbell City>
<Finding KeA>
Ursula Trail Monster 2
Armorica Route Monster 2
Mainz Trail Monster 2
West Crossbell Highway Monster 3
East Crossbell Highway Monster 2
Old Battlefield Monster
Knox Rainforest Monster
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