Prayer Woods (プレアウッド Purea Uddo) is the forest northeast of Tibri Village.  The forest path only leads up to Sage Dinerken's Mansion, a remote mansion where the Sage of Wisdom lives.  There is nothing special about the area except for the green trees and the occasional dead tree.  The area is home to Superb Crabs and Scouting Birds.


Avin and Mile were attacked here by Rutice and Bernard on their way from the Sage's Mansion to Tibri Village.  Rutice and Bernard were looking for the Kabessa, but learns that Avin and Mile do not possess it.  They make their way towards the Sage of Wisdom, while they leave Avin and Mile paralyzed until a Tibri hunter finds them.  As soon as they were awake, they rush back to save the Sage.

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