Pregon Cave
Pregon Cave (プレゴン洞窟 Puregon Doukutsu) is a dark cave that has numerous water pools along the passages. There is a single wooden bridge built atop one of the water pools. It is located north of Quitt Byway. It is home to the Kompe and Twin Kompe.

The cave is used as a storage for Merchant Barlak, an infamous merchant who worked with Great Oracle Avarice. The treasures are located at the end of the cave, but they were obtained through bribes and other illegal methods.


Jimmy retreated into the cave when Avin, Rutice, Douglas, and Lucias caught him hiding on Quitt Byway. They confront Jimmy near the entrance, but he quickly escapes with an invisibility spell. At the end of the cave, the party encounters a dark sorcerer. The sorcerer summoned several monsters to surround them. However, Jimmy attacks the sorcerer, which causes the monsters to disappear.


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