Prophecy of the White Witch: Symphonic Fantasy
White Witch Symphonic Fantasy Cover
Cover Information
Catalog # NW10102510
Release Date June 27, 2002
Price 2,800 Yen
Classification Arrangement
Published by Falcom
Media Format 1 CD
Composed by sound team jdk
Arranged by
Performed by jdk electric symphony orchestra
Lyrics by
Total Length 57:34 mins

Symphonic Fantasy "White Witch" (交響幻想曲 「白き魔女」) is an arranged orchestra album containing symphonic tracks of the game, The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch. It was released on June 27, 2002.


  1. The White Witch / "The White Witch Gueld"
  2. Waltz / "Waltz" "Little Hero"
  3. The Prophecy / "Lodi"
  4. The Great Battle of Bolt / "The Great Battle of Bolt"
  5. Visitor's Hymn / "Oldos Cathedral" "Visitor's Hymn"
  6. Requiem / "Requiem" "Sorrowful Melody"
  7. Wave of Catastrophe / "Raual" "Roudo Castle"
  8. Queen Isabelle / "Queen Isabelle"
  9. The Good Witch / "The White Witch -Precious Soul-"
  10. Durzel's Letter / "Durzel's Letter" "Little Heroes -Music Box-"


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