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The Quartz in the ENIGMA lineup of Akatsuki no Kiseki

Quartz (結晶回路 (クオーツ) Kuōtsu) are synthesised septium-fragment circuitry used as Orbment components in the Trails Universe. They are industrial marketing items from the influence of the Orbal Revolution, allowing Orbment users to cast Orbal Arts, and customise their personal parameters. They are sometimes referred to as crystal circuits.

With the many different quartz having its own effects in the games, there are characters who have their own elemental affinity (eg. Joshua = Time). Effects that include: character status customisation, in-battle support, and field action support (eg. Scent, the aromatic wind quartz) The development of Quartz would eventually advanced to have self-evolving properties such as the Master Quartz.

List of Types

Since Quartz are synthesized Sepith fragments, they have the same number of types with its corresponding elemental properties.


  • The term "Quartz" relates to multiple definitions in terms of real-world technology as a common mineral.

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