Quitt (キト Kito) is a village located on Moss Lake in the middle of the western continent, west of Valkd. One half of the town is built on land, while the other half is built on a dock. The entire dock is an unconventional boat called "The Scotia". The townspeople pride themselves in protecting the lake and the spirit of Scotia, whose shrine lies north of the village. It is also the home of a young girl named Lita, who is the guardian of the shrine.

The Scotia

The main purpose of the The Scotia is for the gathering of gold dust, which is also known as the "Tears of Scotia". The gold dust is the main source of living for the townspeople. The gold dust only accumulates in deep water. The Scotia travels to the center of the lake where the townspeople dive into the bottom of the lake and collect the gold dust.


When the group arrives in Quitt, they head to the shrine of Scotia but find that the door is locked. Lucias and Jimmy arrive in the village, saying that Lucias was commissioned to kill a monster. Jimmy wants to join them but ends up having to play with a little girl by the name of Lita instead. Avin and the rest of the group head out on the Scotia, a giant village-boat. When they arrive at the middle of the lake, a huge monster appears in a gap on the floor. Rutice figures out that this monster is in fact Scotia, who has been transformed. Scotia explains that someone has transformed her into a monster and that they have to get the Sacred Treasure, but that someone has managed to enter the shrine.

When they dock back in town, they find out that Jimmy was injured trying to protect Lita who was kidnapped by Borgeid. The villagers also remark about a young silver-haired boy who seemed very talented in magic. Avin, Rutice, Douglas and Lucias quickly head to the shrine. When they get deep enough into the shrine, they see Borgeid and the little girl, Lita. Borgeid teleports himself and the girl out of range and uses her to summon the spirit of Scotia. The group manages to defeat Scotia and the spirit thanks them for freeing her, giving them the Sacred Treasure called Dellepied and the magic to summon her powers. Returning to the village, Jimmy decides to stay with Lita. Lucias and Douglas have a swordfight, with Lucias losing. Douglas tells Lucias that as a result, she needs to stay with Avin and Rutice.

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