RNG (abbreviated for Range) is a recurring parameter status for each character's hit range in the Trails gameplay. It is paramount to each character's distance of who far they can attack either physically or magically.

Each character has his/her own range depending on their preferred battle style whether short or long distance. The same applies to Arts, the attacks go how far when firing from the character's center.


  • Can be increased with armor, shoes, and accessories.
  • Equipping MOV or other Wind Quartzes.
  • Using Arts like Sylpheed
  • Reduced by "Status Down" abnormal statuses
  • Enhanced by "Status Up" abnormal statuses, and food dishes


  • Other characters whose fighter classes are gunners focus on this parameter for long-range attacks.
    • In Tita Russell's case, she has accessories called "Long Barrels" only exclusive to upgrade her Orbal Cannon.
  • Inversely, other characters who are swordsman deal with short-range.
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