Kanji レイチェル
Rōmaji Reicheru
Physical Information
Age 18
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Green
Relatives Unknown Father
Occupation Musician
Game Appearances V. Cagesong of the Ocean

Rachel is the daughter of Shao and is a vocalist, she constantly pokes fun at her father and uses her charms to get her way. She also seems to like Cookies, This was evident when she hid in the Narrow Place surrounded by Barrels, Jan found her.

She also seemed to like Altos, since she called him, "Cute Boy".

Fighting Style

Rachel attacks using daggers that she throws at the enemy, She has a mid range, which she throws her daggers with her high SPD stat she will be able to get attacks off fast and cast her special set of spells that allow her to heal her allies, as she gains levels her spell set increasses and allows her to restore more HP to her allies the only downside is that she can only heal a single target with her spells leaving her, very limited, she still makes for a good attacker or healer.

Special Spell

Spell Description MP Cost
Cheering Voice A heartening cheer restores HP slightly. 4
Healing Wink The heart thumps and HP is restored moderately. 8
Curing Kiss The heart thumps hard and HP is restored significantly 16


Wink Even the enemy is taken in and stops moving.
Blowing Kiss A passionate blowing kiss that enthralls the enemy.

Finishing Moves

Howling Voice Unhumanlike high frequency voice damages the enemy.
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