[[File:|left|20px]]Radiant Dance[[File:|right|20px]]
Radiant Dance CS1
Kanji 奥義・洸刃乱舞
Rōmaji Ougi Kōha Ranbu
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Effects N/A
Range Type Area (Middle)
Power Rank SS
Game Designation
User Laura S. Arseid
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel
Obtained Default
Behold, my most powerful strike! Radiant Blade Dance!
—Laura's S-Craft announcement

Radiant Dance (奥義・洸刃乱舞 Ougi Kōha Ranbu) is Laura S. Arseid's primary S-Craft in Trails of Cold Steel.


One of the Arseid School's fundamental secret techniques. Laura utilizes her kenki charging her great sword with light that extends beyond the blade's tip. With her sword powered by radiant light, Laura charges towards the targets in range delivering 2 slashes followed by a full-round swing.

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