[[File:|left|20px]]Radiant Lion[[File:|right|20px]]
Radiant Lion CS2
Kanji 奥義・獅子洸翔斬
Rōmaji Ougi Shishi Kou Shō Zan
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Effects N/A
Range Type Area (All)
Power Rank SSSS
Game Designation
User Laura S. Arseid
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel II
Obtained Level 105
Witness the fruits of my training. HOWL! Radiant Lion!
—Laura's S-Craft announcement

Radiant Lion (奥義・獅子洸翔斬 Ougi ) is Laura S. Arseid's tertiary S-Craft in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


One of the Arseid School's secret techniques at the intermediate level. Laura portrays her stance as her Kenki spiritually manifests into a crouching lion. She charges with full power towards the targets in range as her "lion aura" pounces at its prey.

Laura then swings rapid slashes until she crouches down to jump highly delivering the final blow. Of this moment, her lion aura roars when charging towards the targets as she heavily swings down. The shockwave followed after is destructive enough to damage all enemies, whereas the power is determined by the user's strong "radiance".

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