Kanji ラエル
Rōmaji Raeru
Physical Information
Age 13 (Tear of Vermillion)
20 (Song of the Ocean)
69 (Moonlight Witch)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Axe/Black Magic
Occupation Student
Religion N/A
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

Rael (ラエル Raeru) is a character in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion.  He lives and studies at the Sorcery School.


Rael is lazy, carefree person. However, when something other than studying requires a lot of work, he will put a lot of effort into that task such as deciphering the Book of Life or helping the Guia factory produce rare metal for the Sacred Sword Elucion.

He is always skipping his classes and runs off to Guia. Despite his lack of studying, he is considered as a genius by the professors of the Sorcery School due to the power of his black magic. However, he lacks the ability to control it, which means any misuse of his magic power is potentially dangerous. This is proven to be true when he was unable to control the temptation of abusing the spells from the Book of Life.


Rael is first seen in Guia where he converses with Avin and Mile. During their conversation, Rael claims he has to go somewhere, but he is actually running away from Elenoa. After a while, Rael is seen again and he asks if he could join their adventure. They were reluctant, but they decided to let him join on their trip to Koruna when he helped intercept the battle between Rutice and Madram.

They travel to Koruna and into the Ice Palace. They found the Durga's Divine Object that was ruined by an earthquake not long ago. Rael felt a strange presence coming from the Divine Object and used a spell that detects magic. He was able to reveal that it was a book. They later find out that it's actually the Book of Life. Rael asks Avin and Mile to bring Elenoa to Koruna.

When they brought Elenoa, they enter the town to discover that Rael is abusing the spells on the book. They try to chase him down, but he is mugged by a Masked Man from the Octum's Apostles. Fatima arrives at the scene, but only leaves with a warning that Guia is in danger. He helps them fight off the Octum's Apostles at Guia and returns to the Sorcery School afterwards, leaving Avin and Mile to continue through their journey to find Eimelle to deliver the Kabessa.

After a long while, Avin meets up with Rael and Elenoa at the Ice Palace, and he explains everything that has happened, including Mile's death and his new journey to search for the sacred treasures. Avin asks for their assistance to create Elucion. They both agree to help and they travel to Guia, but it turns out effort to clear the monsters from the Guia Mine has failed. Rael assists them with clearing the mine. After successfully rescuing the miners, Rael and Elenoa seperate from Avin and let him continue his new journey while they help the Guia factory create the rare metal.

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