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Kanji レグナート
Rōmaji Regunaato
True Name
Age Over 1200 years
Date of Birth
Race Ancient Dragon
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Birthplace Liberl Kingdom
Affiliation Aidios
Occupation Sept-Terrion Guardian (former)
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Ragnard (レグナート Regunaato) is the last of the ancient dragons and guardian of the Aureole, the space-attribute Sept-Terrion in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.


Born before the Great Collapse along with the rest of its kind, Ragnard was bestowed by Aidios the guardianship of the Sept-Terrion, and made an oath to watch over man the Shining Ring gives a "true answer".

20 years prior to the series (S.1183), Cassius Bright challenged the great dragon in a duel to improve his swordsmanship, With the outcome unknown, Ragnard acknowledges the man in respect in needs of future assistance.


Trails in the Sky SC

Chapter V: That Which One Must Protect

After a long period of deep slumber, it was awoken by Professor Alba, who sought to use the dragon as another experiment for the Gospel Plan. In result with the Gospel installed between the eyes, the dragon attacked the Bose Market with Leonhardt in charge. Formally making his appearance towards Estelle and company, he retreats to the Krone Mountains pursued by Agate and followed by Estelle and her group.

Estelle and co. catch up to witness Agate and Leonhardt clash with the dragon in the background. Agate was wounded but General Morgan and his fleet arrive in time to bring him back to Ravennue Village for treatment. General Morgan briefs to Estelle and group about subduing the creature. The plan succeeds at first leaving the dragon temporarily unconscious but as the fleet approaches, the dragon awakes and flys off to Nebel Valley, forcing them to return and strategize due to the valley's heavy fog.

After the group returns to town, they regroup with a recovered Agate and Tita. Agate's heavy sword is temporarily modified by Professor Russell's device that can destroy the Gospel. The group manages to track down the dragon in his cave and Agate destroys the Gospel liberating the dragon from its control. The dragon reintroduces itself and gives the group Goldia Septium as compensation for the harm he indirectly caused.

Finale: Trails in the Sky

Ragnard flies to the crumbling Liberl Ark by Cassius's request, and catches Estelle and Joshua as they are falling.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

The actual Ragnard doesn't appear but a phantom imitation of him is manifested in Phantasma Castle, making it one of the final bosses. The dragon has the same attacks, but is clearly more powerful than the original in SC.

Notes Trivia

  • In Ao no Kiseki, its revealed by Zeit that Ragnard is the space guardian beast of the Aureole.


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