Ragpick Village is a small, quaint village surrounded by fields. It is the hometown of Jurio and Chris and is run by Mayor Tolta. Grandpa Lap also has a small house in the village. It is here where Jurio and Chris begin their pilgrimage.



Chris is preparing for her pilgrimage at home when it is noticed by her mother that they are out of herbs. She asks Chris, who she calls by her full name Christina, to go to the West Field right outside town to collect some. She also notices a music box by where they usually store the herbs and reminds her mother about it when she completes her pilgrimage. Meanwhile, Jurio is getting ready for his pilgrimage with Chris at his home. He is asked to go hunt for wild boar in the West Field for a feast. During his time in the West Field, he encounters Chris who is being threatened by a Giant Boar. He defeats it and saves Chris and the two return back to the village with the boar. After visiting Jurio's house, they proceed to the mayor who gives them advice on their pilgrimage, which he explains is their coming-of-age ceremony and the five shrines they must visit. The next day, Chris heads to Jurio's house and mentions that a bard is in town. A blonde haired traveler appears and the bard who was performing reveal themselves to be thieves, who have stolen the Silver Dagger that was to be given to Jurio and Chris for their pilgrimage. The thieves flee and the soon-to-be pilgrims give chase. As they're fleeing, they run into Grandpa Lap and as a result, drop the Silver Dagger which is picked up the old man. Jurio and Chris approach Lap while they are chasing the thieves and he gives them the dagger. With the dagger, they return and the presentation of the Silver Dagger begins as scheduled. They are given the dagger and the two begin their pilgrimage.

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