Ravennue Monster
Kanji 山道の魔獣捜索
Rōmaji Yamamichi no Majū Sōsaku
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
A ferocious monster has been sighted along the trail behind Ravennue Village. It must be sought out and exterminated ASAP.

For details, please see me in the village.
Difficulty Medium
Client Elder Reisen
Points Earned 4
Reward(s) 1500 Mira
Acquisition Entering Bose at the start of Chapter 1.
Expires After talking with Nial in the Kirsche Bar during the Missing Airliner story quest.
Main Location Ravennue Trail 3rd Map
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

Ravennue Monster is an optional quest available during Chapter 1 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


Map: Western (2nd) section of Ravennue Trail

Directions: Take a left at the first fork.

Location: At the second fork. (Hidden until encounter activates)

Ravennue Monster Location

Ravennue Monster Location (Map)

Fate Spinner Location

Ravennue Monster Location (View)


Notebook Entry

  • According to the village elder, the monster has been sighted along the trail to the north of the village.
  • It seems as though the monster lurks in a specific area along the trail.
  • Let's hit up the trail to the north of the village, and leave no stone unturned until we find it!
  • Exterminated monster!


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