The Ravennue Trail is a road that can be reached by going through an intersection north in the West Bose Highway. The road has 2 parts to it: One is south of the Ravennue Village which connects with the West Bose Highway and the second part is north of the Ravennue Village and it leads to the Abandoned Mine.


The road lies in the Bose Region of Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. The area consists of many patches of pure dirt lying throughout the area with mountainous plateaus to block access past the very main road itself. The first part of the road is very straightforward while the second part has many separate pathways. The 1st part of the road will lead to Ravennue Village while the second part will lead from the village to the Abandoned Mine.

Treasure Chests/Quotes

  • Tear Balm - "The chest is empty. . .But it wouldn't be empty if you put something in it."
  • Deathblow 2 - "Reduced to searching empty treasure chests? That's really sad."
  • Beast Steak - ". . .Nope, still empty."
  • Tear Balm - "I AM ERROR"


Section 1 (South)

Section 2 (North)

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