The Arca of Recluse (レクルスの方石 Rekurusu no Houseki), sometimes referred to as the Cube of Recluse, is a powerful artifact and key item in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


The artifact was discovered after being fished out of Valleria Lakeshore half a year ago after the Calamity of Liberl. Kevin Graham and Ries Argent recovers the cube when the Liberl Army contacted them, until they were assaulted by Ouroboros's jaeger dropout, Gilbert Stein and the Arc suddenly activated pulling all three into the enigmatic realms of Phantasma.

Until the Final Chapter, it is revealed the entire dimension was manifested from Kevin's guilt, recreating a personal Gehenna upon his deepest reflection, as told by the Lord of Phantasma.

Powers and Abilities

  • Reactivation: The cube can reactivate monuments throughout the stages and providing the same supportive functions as the Orbal Stations (HP/EP restore, item purchase, quartz synthesis).
  • : Activate the Memory Doors where certain characters can unlock them.
    • Warp: Use to warp to locations only limited between all reactivated monuments and discovered memory doors.
  • Sealing Stones: Removes the seals on the stones scattered throughout Phantasma.
  • Remote Ability: Provides supportive effects during battle when one character absent from the main party is selected as the cube's interface. Available after unsealing 4+ more characters.


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