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The Reinford Group (ラインフォルトグループ Rainforuto Gurūpu) is the Erebonian Empire's prominent heavy industrial enterprises, recognised throughout Zemuria in the Trails Universe. Their main headquarters is situated in Roer, its founding location.

During the Middle Ages, Reinford originated as a weapon workshop having a long-run business relationship with the Imperial Army. After the Orbal Revolution, Reinford rapidly boomed its business to new height covering from domestic devices to heavy arms manufacture.

Prior to the start of the Kiseki series, the company's products started focusing towards the infrastructure of orbal technology. Their movement towards Orbments managed to boast an overwhelming market share in Erebonia, which so far has been monopolized by copyright of the Epstein Foundation.

Production Divisions

Reinford Production Divisions

The production chart outlined by Alisa[1]

1st Factory

The 1st Factory (第一製作所) handles the vastness of the company's iron and steel operations and other related processes such as the orbal generators that symbolize Roer's cityscape. It is currently managed by the Noble Faction.

2nd Factory

The 2nd Factory (第二製作所) is chiefly responsible for firearms development and production, such as the Achtzehn tanks. It is currently managed by the Reformist Faction.

3rd Factory

The 3rd Factory (第三製作所) is in charge with the development and production of orbal vehicles and aircrafts. The luxurious Lusitania and the limousine flagship Regalia are the known superlatives to this point. It is the only factory that remains neutral out of the Imperial conflict

4th Development Division

The 4th Development Division (第四開発部) specializes in orbal communications and tactical orbments. They also supervise the development of the Orbal Staff in conjunction with the Epstein Foundation.

5th Development Division

The 5th Development Division (第五開発部) is an unofficial sister branch of the 1st Factory managed by supporters of the Noble Alliance. They are responsible for the manufacture and development the Panzer Soldats.


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