Remote Ability
The Remote Ability System (リモートアビリティ Rimotto Abiritii) is a new support feature unique only to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO.

After gaining more than 3 more party members throughout the story[1], a new option appears to select one of your support members on reserve. Each reserve party member can give bonus statuses to your party on the field. [2]

List of Abilities

Partner Ability
Kevin Graham Recover 2% of CP after battle, ADF+30%
Ries Argent EXP +10%, Sepith Drop +20%
Estelle Bright Recover 3% of HP after battle, STR+2%, ADF-25%
Joshua Bright SPD+5%, AGL+10%, ADF-25%
Renne Hayworth EXP +10%, Sepith Drop +20%, DEF-5%
Tita Russell DEX+15%, AGL+10%, SPD-5%
Kloe Rinz Recover 5% of EP after battle, Recover 2% of CP after battle, DEF-5%
Josette Capua Item Drop +20%, Sepith Drop 30%, DEF-5%
Anelace Elfead SPD+2%, MOV+1, ADF-25%
Scherazard Harvey Item Drop +10%, Recover 2% of EP after battle, SPD-5%
Julia Schwarz DEF+2%, ADF+20%, ATS-5%
Olivier Lenheim ATS+5%, ADF+5%, DEF-5%
Agate Crosner STR+5%, DEX+20%, AGL-10%
Alan Richard Recover 2% of CP after battle, MOV+1, ADF-25%
Mueller Vander SPD+5%, DEF+5%, AGL-10%
Zane Vathek Recover 4% of HP after battle, DEF+3%, ATS-25%


  • With Kevin and Ries separated from the group in Chapter 7, the ability is unusable.


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