Rinon General Goods inside
Rinon General Goods is the first items store the player will find in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and the 4th items store that Estelle will come to in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. It sells many general goods like ingredients, healing items, and newspaper articles called the Liberl News.


Rinon General Goods
The stores is found through the southwestern portion of town in the City of Rolent. It houses the owner, Rinon, and his mom, Bloom. The store is 2 floors long with about an extra small balcony outside the second floor. The store doesn't have much to do with the main storyline aside from Estelle and Joshua coming into the store to pick up the "Liberl News - Issue 1" for their father, Cassius. Aside from that, the NPCs it holds have a fun little sub-plot about Bloom finding Rinon an acceptable bride.


  • Rinon - The owner of the establishment who knew Estelle due to her always sneaking food from his place.
  • Bloom - The mother of Rinon; she is looking for a suitable bride for Rinon throughout the prologue of the game.


Item Effect Price
Tear Balm Heals 200+ HP 200 Mira
Purging Balm Cures Poison/Sleep/Blind 100 Mira
Reviving Balm Cures KO/ Heals 100+ HP 200 Mira
Insulating Tape Cures Mute 100 Mira
EP Charge Heals 100 EP 500 Mira
Liberl News - Issue 1 Events about the Queen's birthday 100 Mira
Liberl News - Issue 2 Events over "The Linde " 100 Mira
Ingredients Price
Fresh Milk 50 Mira
Fresh Eggs 10 Mira
Milled Flour 4 Mira
Marbled Steak 100 Mira
Flaky Potato 10 Mira
Crisp Onion 10 MIra
Dirty Carrot 10 Mira
Maple Sugar 4 Mira
Kibbled Salt 4 Mira
Olive Oil 16 Mira
Fresh Herb 16 Mira
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