Rolent Bracer Guild outside
Rolent Bracer Guild

The Rolent Bracer Guild is the City of Rolent's local guild branch in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. All main and side missions devoted to anywhere in Rolent are found here. Aina Holden is the guild receptionist in charge of all reports and documents of all tasked quests on the bulletin board. Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright primarily work at the guild until they leave for Bose.

Guild Bracers

Bracer Guild Missions

Trails in the Sky

Mission Type Quest Name BP Description
Story Training: Retrieval Find 2 small boxes in the Rolent Sewers
Child Rescue Find and bring back Luke and Pat safely from the Esmelas Tower.
Perzel Farm Monsters Exterminate some critters from the crops.
Mayor Klaus' Request Retrieve a special septium crystal from the Malga Mines to Mayor Klaus while saving the miners.
The Liberl Media Escort reporters, Nial Burns and Dorothy Hyatt to the Esmelas Tower for their news article
Mayoral Theft Someone stole the septium crystal from Klaus! Go find the burglar and get back the crystal.
Sidequests Find the Shiny Rock Charles dropped his shiny rock and lost it.
Letter Carrier Bring a letter to Father Holstein in Bose.
Mushroom Hunt Look for Firefly Fungus.
Orbment Replacement Repair a road lamp on the Milch Main Road
Medical Necessities Bring Bear Claw and Monster Wing to Father Divine.
Soldier Training Fight and train soldiers at Verte Bridge.
Lost Kitten Look for Ida's lost kitten (Aryll).
Milch Road Monster Exterminate Pine Plant at the Milch Main Road.
Elize Highway Monster Exterminate Rhinocider at Elize Highway.

Trails in the Sky SC

Mission Type Quest Name BP Description
Sidequests The Ring that Flew Away Go to the Esmelas Tower rooftop, look for the shining object
Fishing Spot Search
Elize Highway Monster
Milch Main Road Monster
Search for Lost Cat
Nostalgic Recipe
Diaset's Secret
Mine Commission
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