Rufus can display a powerful light blue battle aura while getting into a perfect guard position with no openings, thanks to him being a master of court fencing. It's noted that he might be even stronger then Sara, and was shown capable of facing off the nine members of Class VII during Rean's absence to face Crow in their Divine Knights, dealing a blow on Grianos and injuring the Second Anguis of Ouroboros: Vita Clotilde, the 'Azure Abyss'. He wields a noble sword with a golden hilt as the sword is widely size with an arrowhead-shape on the edge, & with decorative style for nobles.

Rufus Albarea's Crafts:

-Soul Slicer: Rufus approaches before rearing his blade back, before thrusting a bright emerald blade form in landing multiple thrusts before rearing his weapon back & then slashing at the opponent when dashing pass them.

-Arc Blade: He gathers an emerald light around his blade, then spin rotates to strike a large wave across all opponents in a whirlwind formation in an elegant manner.

Rufus Albarea's S-Craft:

-Eternal Ruination: Rufus gathers a magical force in his free left hand to hurl it outwards, trapping his targets in a magical emerald orb sphere. Then by grasping that left hand that swirls with much focus, causes a dark impulse within the sphere to plunge it downwards. Then Rufus unleashes three separate slash strikes from his blade, hurling massive size jet forces that impact the sphere. Then grasping the left hand in charging emerald color electricity, emerald lightning strikes from all sides to cause it to almost break in half, but then shatters into triangle pieces all before it brightly flashes out of existence. This causes a massive blow of damage enough to knock one’s HP down to zero.

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