Water Element - Sen
Rune of Affection
Water Element - Sen

Kanji 慈愛のルーン
Rōmaji Jiai no rūn
Arts Information
Elements Required
EP Cost 200 (Activation)
100 (Continuation)
Arts Type Master Arts
Range Type All
Base Damage N/A
Cast Time 10000
Rigor Time 5000
Power Rank N/A
Ao no Kiseki + EVO

Rune of Affection is a water-elemental master arts introduced in the Trails Universe from Ao no Kiseki.


With a Water Master Quartz installed, the user calls upon the power Water Sept-Terrion to activate the art. The caster is enclosed within a glowing circle outline being the central core of the magic circle surrounding the entire battlefield.

As the caster remains in place to preserve the circle, all party members recover 50% of their HP upon the art's activation. In addition, all damage receives is reduced by half.

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