Mirage Element - Sen
Rune of Illusion
Mirage Element - Sen

Kanji 幻影のルーン
Rōmaji Genei no rūn
Arts Information
Elements Required Tocs - mirage sepith icon
EP Cost 200 (Activation)
100 (Continuation)
Arts Type Master Arts
Range Type All
Base Damage N/A
Cast Time 10000
Rigor Time 5000
Power Rank N/A
Ao no Kiseki + EVO

Rune of Illusion is a mirage-elemental master arts introduced in the Trails Universe from Ao no Kiseki.


With a Mirage Master Quartz installed, the user calls upon the power Mirage Sept-Terrion to activate the art. The caster is enclosed within a glowing circle outline being the central core of the magic circle surrounding the entire battlefield.

As the caster remains in place to preserve the circle, all other party members gain stealthy upon the art's activation. In addition, EP consumption is cut by half per arts cast.

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