Ruth Road

Ruth Road is a location in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. The path is between Racos Palma and Cranka. Residents of Racos Palma often use this road to deliver goods to Cranka, while the residents of Cranka use the river water to rinse fabrics.


Una makes several attempts to confess her feelings to Forte while delivering dye to Cranka. However, each attempt fails by either the monsters ambushing them, or Una changing the topics to avoid confessing. During one of the attempts, Una tells Forte that she has been practicing the Piccolo and plays a sample song for him.


  • "A Hill Struck by the Sun" is the OST played when traveling this road.
  • Some of the water found along the path is Brackish Water, which a mixture of fresh water and sea water.
  • The song Una plays on the Piccolo for Forte is "Playful Birds".
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