Rutice (ルティス Rutiisu) is the main heroine for the latter half of the game in The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. At first she is a member of the Octum Apostles trying to find the Sacred Treasures. Later she has self-doubts about her cause and leaves the Octum Apostles. Over time she begins to develop feelings for Avin. She is the older sister to Rouca, who she left five years before the start of the series. She longs to see him again. She joins Avin in his quest to find the rest of the Sacred Treasures, and find her reasons to live.


A determined young lady with a calm mind that utilizes and throws daggers to her enemies. In the first half of the game, she is cold to others and is not afraid to use a disguise when necessary; in one part of the game she disguises herself as Grandma Rao in Guia.  She also uses deception when she had a little girl deliver fake letter from Eimelle to Avin.

In the second half of the game, she brings out more of her own feelings during a situation like when her brother gets trapped in the mines in Guia. She helped Avin keep his cool in the second half of the game, since Mile was not around until the last part of the game.


She wears a reddish orange type dress that stops on her thighs. She also wears light blue shoes that stop above her ankles and has long straight black hair that stops at her waist tied in a ribbon. Her black eyes will reflect sadness or happiness.

Fighting Style

In battle, Rutice wields throwing knives, which she utilizes to weaken the enemies' attack power (Snipe Shot), killing them instantly (Speed Needle), and paralyze them (Mind Shock). She has access to high-level White and Black Magic. Although in her Black Magic repertoire, she misses Reincarnation spell.

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