FCEVO S-craft graphics

Estelle Bright's S-Craft event graphic in Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution

Akatsuki s-craft

Ronald Griffin using his S-Craft in Akatsuki no Kiseki

S-break in fc evo

S-Craft, which is shortened as Super Crafts, are very powerful special attacks each party character executes in the Trails Series.


Same activation requirements as the Crafts, S-Crafts require CP. For S-Crafts however, the activation criteria is that a party character should have 100 CP or above. If their CP gauge reaches max of 200, damage f the S-Craft is increased, with some gaining additional effects or larger range.

S-Crafts can be activated even on the enemy's turn, where this action is called S-Breaks. Depending on the player's judgement, they can intercept the enemy's action for counter-attacking, while maybe collecting AT bonuses whenever your party member is in in trouble.

Akatsuki s-break

Rieve performing her S-Craft in Akatsuki no Kiseki

List of S-Crafts

Character S-Craft Description Range Level
Estelle Bright Pummel Beats an enemy senseless with series of attacks Single (Long) Default
Barrage An extended, more powerful version of Pummel. Single (Long) 24
Wheel of Time Engulfs the enemy in a vortex of high-speed strikes Single (Long) 81
Joshua Bright Sever A feinting assassin's attack. Single (Long) Default
Black Fang Cuts down all foes with an instantaneous attack. Everyone 23
Phantom Raid Creates clones to launch a series of slashes Everyone 85
Scherazard Harvey Sadist Whip Continuously whipping 1 enemy. Single (Long) Default
Judgment Card Throw a card with a random attack (Ice fire darkness Hit) Circle (Med) 74
Olivier Lenheim Howling Bullet Unleashes an explosive shot. Circle (Med.) Default
Requiem Hearts Strafes the enemies and end up with an explosion Circle (Large) 73
Kloe Rinz Lichtkreis Heal/revive allies to full HP(raises DEF if CP 200) Circle (Long) Default
Sanctus Nova Unleash a powerful explosion on the enemies Circle (Large) 73
Agate Crosner Beat Down Unleash a series of sword swings. Single(Long) Default
Final Break Unleash surging flames from the ground. Circle (Med.) 26
Dragon Dive jump and surround himself of fire to a devastating dive Whole Area 80
Tita Russell Cannon Impulse Shoots down Foes Circle (Med.) Default
Satellite Impulse Shoots a ray on enemies Whole Area 71
Zin Vathek Disable Unleashes a flurry of kicks Single (Long) Default
Aural Blast Unleashes a huge projectile Circle (Med.) 30
Wrath of Genbu Concentrates the ki energy on a single strike Circle (Med) 80
Anelace Elfead Piercing Wave Creates waves of energy that explodes on foes Circle (Med) Default
Kevin Graham Grail Sphere Creates a protective barrier that protects against physical attacks, 2 barrier at 200 EP Circle (Large) Default
Spear of Loa A wave of dark spears pierces and explodes the enemies Whole Area Event (3rd)
Spear of Ur Launch a wave of bright spears that explodes on the foes Whole Area Event
Josette Capua Bobcat The Capua airship unleash a serie of shot and end up with a missile Circle (Large) Event
Mueller Vander Righteous Witness Engulfs the enemies in a black hole Circle (Med) Default
Julia Schwarz Trinity Kleis Drawing a triangle, and star later, on the ground that explodes Circle (Large) Default
Ries Argent Heavenly Strike Summon an angel who call upon the enemies the divine thunder Circle (Med) Event
Heavenly Sphere Summon an angel who creates a blue sphere which explodes on the enemies Circle (large) 122
Alan Richard Afterglow Smasher A series of rapid slash that makes flows the enemy's blood Single (Long) Default
Sakura Morning Moon Serie of rapid slash that ends up with an explosion of petals Single (Long) 120
Renne Hayworth Rennede Calls bats to a deadly scythe slash (50% of chances to inflict death) Circle (Med) Default
Pater Mater Pater Mater gets summoned and eliminates the enemies with its dual buster cannons Line (Large/Long) Event
Georg Weissmann Another Dimension Transports the target and pierces them with giant spikes Whole Area Default
Leonhardt Demon Flames Unleashes a powerful wave of energy which can cause fainting Circle (Med) N/A
Dead Emperor Sword Freezes the ground and breaks ice with his sword Circle (Med) N/A
Bleublanc Death Magic Traps the target in a coffin and is pierced by sword Single (Long) N/A
Walter Ultimate Blow Releases two Ki waves to cause a devastating blow Circle (Med) N/A
Luciola Tempest Dance Launches a magic tornado on the target Circle (Med) N/A
Hellfire Uses a giant illusion of herself to burn her foes Whole area N/A
Philip Renard Esmelas Hearts Crystalizes the target and pierces them with laser Single (Long) N/A
Kurt Nardin Summon Lightning Plants spear in enemy and calls upon a wave on it Circle (Med) N/A
Kilika Rouran Dual Dragon Helix Creates two dragons of energy that explodes on the surface Whole area N/A
Cassius Bright Phoenix Wave Transforms into a phoenix who will explode on enemies Whole area N/A
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