The Sage's Mansion (賢者の館 Kenjya no Yakata) is the home of Sage Dinerken, a very large dwelling in the Prayer Woods near Tibri Village.  On the outside, the only thing that can be seen are the fences that are placed to border the mansion. Behind the mansion are bundles of wood used for the fireplace. Inside the mansion, there are plenty of books about medicines and botany, along with the basic necessities that a house needs.



Avin and Mile arrive at Sage Dinerken's mansion and give him the Kabessa. Avin asks the sage about his sister, but is told that he cannot tell him. As they are about to travel back, they are attacked by two mysterious people, a girl with black hair and a man with spiky fiery red hair. Both Avin and Mile get paralyzed by a spell that the duo casts upon them and the two mysterious people head to the mansion. When the mystery duo are about to rob Dinerken, Avin and Mile show up after curing themselves with riebe leaves. The duo retreat and the sage finally decides to reveal the truth about Eimelle; that she is actually Durga's Daughter, a human possessed by the power of Durga's spirit. He mentions she is being hunted by Octum's Apostles to use for their own evil purposes. Shocked, Avin realizes he must save Eimelle from this fate. The sage gives Kabessa back to Avin and tells him to bring it to the High Priest Crior in Valkd.

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