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St. Astria Girls Academy CS3
The Saint Astraia Girl’s School (聖アストライア女学院 Sei Asutoraia Jogakuin) is a royal academy with an extensive heritage in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails Series. It is located in the Sankt District of Heimdallr, Erebonia. While the school's foundation is for noble girls, they have allowed enrollment for commoner girls, but on a rare basis such as those exceptionally rich.


Per Erebonian traditions, the girls' academy adopted the unicorn as its symbol as the sacred beast being pure white with a single horn, are said to be capable of curing any illness and can only be touched by virgin maidens.

All the girls attend in dormitories.

Events and History

Trails of Cold Steel III

After the Erebonian Civil War, admission fees have tightened due to the government's reformation towards the aristocracy, causing most noble students to drop out.



Enrolled Students



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