Pillar of salt incident

The Pillar of Salt Incident

The Salt Pale (塩の杭 Shio no kui) was a mysterious artifact knwon for its catastrophic holocaust in the North Ambria State throughout history the Trails Universe.


S1178, July 1. Back when the province was the Principality of North Ambria (ノーザンブリア大公国 Noozamburia Taikoukoku), an unknown white pillar object suddenly descended from the sky to the Haliask Capital one morning. The mysterious object remained 3 days silent until everything in the vicinity of the capital salinified into salt, covering 3 administrative districts and diminishing 1/3 of the population.

The object eroded down into something 2.5 arges theorizing the salinification was due to mass decrease. Eventually, the object was safe to recover with most of its power diminished yet to be handled with extreme caution, because anything that comes in contact even for a millisecond instantaneously becomes salt. The Gralsritter used the sacred tool Gelpnir to secure it without physical methods, and sealed deep by the High Seat of Arteria.

Under the Septian Church's jurisdiction, the northern part where the destruction lies was off limits to the continent. Yet the devastation was deeply great, the surviving citizens suffered fear and uncertainty. Luckily the Septian Church immediately dispatched enough aid to rebuild the destroyed churches for the citizens' recovery.


While the suffering continued and the people recovering with the Church's support, things still plummetted for the worse. Prince Balmunt fled the country before deciding to help the citizens, thereby his authority stripped and a coup was uprisen the following year. The principality was diminished and the state was reborn into its present autonomous state by the democratization and the Church's parliament.

Most of the military reformed as the Northern Jaegers, believing that money is the utmost salvation to the state's financial crisis. Some of the struggling citizens had to move to other countries for better living.

The origins of the pillar remain unknown but recorded to the teachings of Aidios. While research still continues, the Congregation decided to manufacture the artifact into a top-secret weapon of execution on those the Church declare heretic.


  • The incident was reported to the Congregation for the Sacrements by Ries Argent.
  • In the Church's classified documents, a certain former priest was revealed to be born of this state, and met his demise by the same calamity.


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