Battle Scope: A bewitching Imperial Liberation Front executive. Torments and slaughters foes with a templar sword.

Scarlet was born a normal farmgirl, but eventually trained herself with the traditional Templar Sword during her study in the Holy Nation of Alteria. After reaching the ranks of a Squire, she was more than skillful enough to easily defeat mere soldiers despite her training incomplete. Only Class VII's efforts with Instructor Sara's assistance was enough to weaken her at least.

Arts & Crafts

  • Flare Bomb: Fire-elemental Art
  • Judgement Bolt: Wind-elemental Art.
  • Dark Fencer: A Craft where she wields her templar sword backwards that admits a red flame-like glow, then lash to thrust it forward, as it extends to piece the target in dealing damage before she recoils it back.
  • Fire Slash: A Craft where the templar sword flared up a bright red flame as Scarlet wields it upwards, then swings it off to extend the whip-blades in creating an explosive force that damages the target in the line of the attack before the sword recoils back.
  • Bloody Storm: Scarlet S-Craft where she heads up her templar sword as it brightly glows a red flaring flame force. Then she swings her weapon one from right to left in, which fires off the chain-blade pieces to act out like home-seeking arrowheads. Leaving a red glow trail, the blades will circle around the target group to spin around in creating a cyclone motion as it brightly lights up in the center while the pieces are striking the targets as glimmering stars. By the end, Scarlet wields up her smaller templar in what calls back the pieces from the storm cyclone to reassemble into a full-form templar sword again as a bright flash happens and afterwards, strikes everyone with massive damage.
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