Schwartz Auction Invitation Zero

The invitation to the Black Auction

Schwartz Auction (黒の競売会 (シュバルツ・オークション) Shubarutsu Ookushon) is an annual auction held only for the underground characters in Crossbell State in the Zero/Ao duology.

In Zero no Kiseki, Chairman Hartmann hosts the event where on the other side of the auction, the underground criminals gather to discuss other illegal businesses.


Renne gave one of VIP invitations to the Special Support Section as gratitude for the previous day in resolving her personal issues.[1]

Invited VIPSs


  • The invitation's date and arrival states "7:00PM, Michelam Wonderland, Hartman Mansion".
  • The following trophies are earned depending on which character to accompany with.
    • Elie MacDowell's is Cross-Class Love (身分違いの恋)
    • Tio Plato's is Unsophisticated Siblings (世慣れぬ兄妹)
    • Randy Orlando's is A Playmate's Invitation (悪友の誘い)


  1. Zero no Kiseki, Chapter 3, 4th Day
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